I never Knew what great service from a CPA firm was until I moved my business to Townsley and Associates this past year. I've been thrilled with the results of your efforts, returning over $100,000 to us from the past two years as a result of being mis-managed by one of the largest accounting firms in Colorado. Bigger is definitely not better and your knowledge of "S" Corporations has been so very helpful for our manufacturing business. 

Lea, you impressed me the first hour I spent with you as your knowledge of how I could reduce my taxes became very apparent. As you worked at re-filing my personal taxes the past two years, I also realized how important timely communications are in keeping my anxiety levels low. You always surprised me with emails at all hours, showing me your commitment to meeting and exceeding expectations. 

I love your new offices. The location is easy to get to and the decor and environment exudes privacy in a relaxing and comfortable setting. 

Thank you for taking care of my family and friends and we'll keep those referrals coming your direction. 

All the best, 

Terry A. Taggart                                                                                                                                                                                                            CEO



I am the owner of a local construction company in Parker, Colorado. Fifteen years ago, I was struggling with tax payments. My tax bills were so high that I didn't have enough income to fully support my family's needs and I could never get ahead. Just when I was going to get the taxes paid from the prior year, the new tax bill arrived. I was constantly getting IRS notices for back taxes. 

It just didn't seem worth it any longer to be running my own business. I was just about to give up when one of my colleagues introduced me to Lea Mason at Townsley and Associates. She helped me restructure my business and in no time, I was out of debt with the IRS. I am now able to focus on my business and stop worrying. I started making more money and my tax bill was a fraction of what it had been before.

Now I know that not all accounting firms are created equal and what I really needed was someon who specializes in business structures in order to save money in taxes. Lea helped me reduce my tax burden and get my business back on track. 

If you feel you are paying too much in taxes, I suggest you call Townsley and Associates in Castle Rock at (303) 688-1348. I highly recommend Lea to help you with all of your business, accounting, and surety bonding needs.


RT Koobs                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Sterling Construction, LLC